Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kennedy Space Center Behind the Vistor's Center

Kennedy Space Center invited their employees to invite their friends and families for a behind the scenes tour of the actual facility! Since my husband's best friend is employed there, we were included in this special event! Thanks John!! We love you!

John at Kennedy Space Center

And so the tour begins =):

This is the back end of the real space shuttle minus it's engines. They take them out after every flight to check them out before the next flight.

Space Shuttle

This is a shot of one of the moving walls inside the OPF (Orbitor Processing Facility). By moving the walls, the space shuttle can be brought in easily and then worked on once the walls move in close.

Moving Walls

Here is the Space Shuttle inside the OPF. This is the under belly of the space shuttle. The green tags mark tiles that need replacing.

Space Shuttle inside the OPF

This picture speaks for itself =P

Metal Disintegrator

George in front of one of the Space Shuttle's engines.

George in front of one of the Space Shuttle's engines.

Dad & son in front of engine.

Dad & son in front of engine

Sibling love.


How would you like a set of these at $4500.00 each?


This is a demonstration of just how much control they have over the crane they use. They have this monstrous wheel sitting on an egg. Interesting...


weighty egg


Dad explaining how it all works. These are the moments that I treasure being married to an extremely smart engineering minded man. =D


Now this is my type of tool! This is an airbrush!!


Pilot Parachute.



Learning happens all the time.


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