Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Morning World!

Spring is finally here in full bloom. The weather has been so beautiful that we have been leaving the windows open. New trees have been planted around the house to supply the much needed shade we will need in another month or so. The kids are growing and blossoming, too. This month finds our second child becoming an adult as she will turn 18. She is nearing her AA degree, also. Our oldest will be turning 20. She, too, will be getting her AA degree. Both girls are making plans for where they will be continuing their studies. The youngest is becoming a young man. I can't help but smile as his voice deepens. He is still wavering on whether or not he wants to try middle school. With all that is in the news and all the further cuts the schools are facing, my spouse is pushing for him to just head towards early college.

Before I had children, I had believed that attending school was the only way to truly learn. Since being forced into homeschooling, I've learned that is such a false belief. I'm not going to step up onto my soapbox and start expounding just what is required to fix the current state of our schools in this country. The information is already out there in great abundance. I'm not going to shout about how stupid I feel closing down libraries is. Oh sure. I hear you. They are only planning to shut down the rural and smaller community libraries, after all, the politicians all know that only city kids need the use of free books....

No, Spring is in the air and I'm going to enjoy this Spring. April is my favorite month and I'll be getting one more year older. My spouse and I have been looking to buy a watercraft as we miss getting out and playing. When we first met, living on the beach, scuba diving, surfing and such was a normal part of everyday life. We don't live quite as close to the water as we once did, but we are still close enough to get out there and play so that is the plan. When the youngest fussed that he wasn't quite so interested, my spouse said to me that for many, many, years, I've been putting the kids in front of all my wishes. For once, I should get my wish. =) So on that note, wish me luck in finding something that's in great shape and still affordable.

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