Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Florida life

It's January, 2010.  Wow...  Time really moves fast as we age.  When I was ten, I don't think I ever considered that some day, it would be the year 2010.  Then again, I was born in the Year of the Dinosaurs... j/k

So what's been happening at our home?  Lets see...  recently, Florida has been experiencing crazy freezing weather.  Needless to say, our kitties have been having fun discovering their first frost, first ice, and first snow!  yes, we have actually had snow in Florida!  

Cat coat

Cat walk


Homeschooling, unschooling, has continued on.  Our oldest daughter is working in a professional position while attending college working towards her B.S.  Our second daughter is in Early College and is soon to graduate high school with her A.A.  Our youngest, our only son, continues to unschool with a recent taste of two online classes. 

Per age, he would be in sixth grade this year.  Even though he hasn't been subjected to the standard peer pressures of schooled children, it's been interesting to watch him grow and explore entering the teenage years and thought processes.  We let him sign up for his two favorite school subjects, math and science, when he started to have some self doubt.  It didn't take long for those two classes to re-assure him that he was much smarter then he was beginning to think!  He easily aced the classes and if he had any real issues, it would be continuing to "attend" the classes when they bored him to 'near death'.  Needless to say, it didn't take long for him to request to return to complete unschooling and get back to learning at his own preferred pace which is much faster then the online classes.



jugglingpaynes said...

Better to learn that lesson from the comfort of your own home, don't you think? :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Vicki said...

Oh yes!!!

Even though we no longer participate in the school system, we still hear all about what we are not missing. Our neighbors have told us the schools have become more of a holding pen then a learning place. My sister, who is also a teacher, says pretty much the same thing. School has become more of a place to survive then a place of education.

I'm very thankful that we took that first scary step into homeschooling. As I said way back then, we certainly couldn't do worse. Four years later, I can say unschooling has been a total success!