Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Reason Homeschoolers Must Pay Attention

I never really thought there would be much that would truly draw me into the heavy political debates and such. After all, the powers that be don't really tend to listen anyway. The people have turned more into sheeple. I figure if I can instill just a smidgen of logical thought in just one petition pushing person outside of Wally's World, then I've had some small effect. Unfortunately, it seems that I'm being drawn into this arena whether I like it or not.

Recently, there seems to be a growing movement trying to get purchase in America. We have people pushing for the President to sign the CRC which in my opinion, would be a terrible and unconstiutional thing to do. England did sign it and here is an article explaining how it has played out on the other side of the pond. England, Homeschooling.

Well even in America, where we have the freedom of speech, it seems some people are given large megaphones to spew their ignorance from. I'm refering to an article that has been circulating through the homeschooling groups, hopefully, so as to call us to arms, to prevent further stupidity from spreading.

This article offended me, but I'm not an excellent wordsmith. Alas, homeschooling doesn't need me to be the spokesperson as so many of the homeschooling community are very adabt at rebutting! Please visit Homeschooling on the Hudson to read a most excellent rebuttal!


jugglingpaynes said...

Did you make it through the original article? I tried, but I haven't been so bored since I wrote a paper for a psychology class in proper form. Was the author still a student herself? And if so, why should the public worry about homeschoolers "brainwashing" their own children when the schools have been successfully brainwashing the masses for generations? Crazy world!

Peace and Laughter,

Vicki said...

This outlandish article was making the rounds in at least one of my groups. I read it but never would have been able to form such a beautiful retort!

George came out while I was writing my post and he asked to read the links. As he read that article, he was enraged at the lies! He wasn't thinking too kindly of the author, and would have had a thing or two to inform her, lol.

I advised him to read the rebuttal. Now that had him cheering and much conversation and discussion came out of all this! English lessons for the day....CHECK!!