Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hi Everyone!

Fall is here and cooler weather is on it's way. It's time for me to clean out my inbox and share some of the links I've been gathering. I haven't fully researched each site but I have glanced at them to see if they hold some potential. Here are some Math links that you might find of some interest.

The Math Forum an internet Mathamatics Library

SpaceRef.com NASA Educational Materials available for downloads

NASA CONNECT integrating science, technology, engneering, and mathamatics... geared for 6th-8th grade.

We All Use Math from the TV show NUMB3RS (Use discretion)

Here are some fun NASA related Videos about airflow, Algebra and Geometry and such. I love when math can be explained in a fun way.

And last but not least, Cyberchase. This site is loaded with all types of fun learning not just limited to the subject of math.

Have FUN and learn!!


ComfyDenim said...

My kids adore Cyber Chase!!!
During summer school we'd have to finish our morning work and eat lunch at 11am because they were still showing cyberchase on PBS.

We learned all about symmetry and tessellations. Cyber chase rocks.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to bookmark this page of yours so I have time to check out all these fun links. Thanks for sharing them. :)

appleleaf said...

Thanks for these links and tips. It's always more fun doing it on line. There's no doubt about that.