Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Have you ever...

wanted to shout from the roof tops then realize that others wouldn't care? That's how I'm feeling today. They say pride comes before the fall which makes me climb back off the roof top and think that maybe I should stay quite. Here's the deal. I've been trying to convince my step-daughter to enroll in early college. See early college is a program that allows high school students to attend college classes at the state's expense. All we would need to pay for are the books. On top of that, the classes count as one credit towards high school and three towards college! This means that an eager student can earn their Associates degree while earning their high school diploma!

The lady at the college said that all a homeschool student needed to do to enroll was to pass the College Placement Test. They are only allowed to take this test three times. She insisted that a student would have had to finish tenth grade and Algebra II to be able to pass. Then she recommended my daughter take the college placement assessment test to see if she is ready. She said that if my daughter had no trouble with the assessment, she would have no trouble with the actual test.

Well last weekend, my step-daughter went to her mother's house and said she would take it there. On Saturday, I was just kidding around with George and asked him if he would like to take it. He said, "Sure." So my ten year old ate breakfast then took the CPT assessment and PASSED!!

No, we are not enrolling him in early college as he's enjoying life the way it is. My daughter passed, too! She's still thinking about if she wants to enroll in early college and I'm still praying that she decides to. I wish I would have been offered this opportunity. I would have loved trimming two years off my college experience. But this is her choice so I shall step back and let her make it.


ComfyDenim said...

Yes- I've wanted to shout from the roof tops -- but I'm leery of ladders and a reknown klutz. :-)

I wanted to cackle when I read that your 10 year old passed the test. TOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Early college sounds awesome. I wonder if that's available here.

Amy said...

How awesome is that? You deserve some rooftop shout outs. I, too, giggled quite a bit outloud when I heard your ten year old passed. Early college is awesome. I wasn't homeschooled, but took advantage of that as a junior and senior in high school. It was GREAT!!!