Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Kids

Caylee, eighteen, just graduated the Firefighting/EMT College and will be pursuing her Firefighting career as she also pursues her Paramedic Certificate. (And probably B.S. degree)


Next is Melissa, sixteen, and enrolled in Florida Virtual School.


Then there's George (and Rex), ten, unschooling.


Here's our new computer center. These two love sitting side by side as they work and play.


Melissa and Caylee are pursuing their Pilot's license. George says he has no interest as he is currently afraid of heights. George is pursuing computer game design and biology.

I don't know if George will ever do FLVS or not as he is so hard to place per grade which seems to be needed for these types of education. Sometimes I wonder just where he has picked up his learning styles but I figure some are unique to him and his DNA, some he learns from his older sisters. He's my only 'unschooler' and he loves it. (The girls love format to their education.)

Sometimes, second guessing yourself can become an issue.

Unschooling is soooo differant then the main stream thought towards education most of us have been raised with. Myself and my spouse included. It implies that the same way a child learns till age five, then contunies to learn after the "schooling years", doesn't need to have this twelve year blip. The learning happens naturally and continuously, through those twelve years without 'forced learning' being inflicted on the child. If you looked at George for an example, well, one would say unschooling works. He is well ahead of his age level of learning even though he still has his silly 'boy' moments, lol.

When doubt or questions enter my head, I look up Curriculum Standards. It helps me know what is considered the average learning and subjects that George should have a grasp of. So far, so good. George is way ahead of these, so I'm just going to keep feeding his interests and see where it leads.


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