Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Well Written Article on the Subway Issue

The links are flying about this latest Subway Oops but did you know this wasn't the fast food restaurants first? I didn't until just this morning when I read this interesting article: American Thinker

Gee.. If I would have been aware of this, I'd have started boycotting Subway sooner! What were they thinking?

A proud American of German Descent who loves her Lady Liberty.


appleleaf said...

This Subway issue is news to me, in Australia, and I'm not sure if our Subway franchisees would feel the same way yours do. I read your link to the American Thinker. Sounds like they shot themselves in the foot alright. I'm not quite clear from that article why Subway banned homeschoolers from the comp in the first place. After all, it's all business to them. Anyway, I'm glad there were waves. Good on you for taking your personal stand.

jugglingpaynes said...

I was surprised with my post at the homeschoolers who wrote to say it didn't bother them and what's all the fuss about. I'm not bothered either, I don't eat there and I thought it was a silly contest. I do think Subway should know that homeschooling is a viable education option and realize that it was bad form to exclude them while accepting all forms of institutionalized education.