Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, I'm sure EVERYONE has heard by now the affront Subway has made towards homeschoolers everywhere Subway has stores. A thoughtless mis-step one would hope, and the fact that Scholastic is also involved is also disheartening.

As for the "reason" homeschoolers were excluded (so they say~playground equipment), well, even when my kids were in Public and Private schools, they weren't given a Recess to enjoy the playground equipment.

No, the playground was used as a place to line the kids up as they arrived at the school, to stand quietly, for however long it was, till class began. In all the years, counting K-5th grade only, we have accumulated 15 years experience as only my youngest is homeschooled, to judge this phenomena. Now, if you count in my youngest sister's years, she's now 35yo, she also had this experience and so do her children now.


So now you say, well that was in your area. Hmmm. Nope. We moved during those years and found it the same everywhere except Palm Springs Christian Academy. The only school in a list of about eight+ schools that could be listed in three counties that did let the kids play. I'll also note that if more schools ran with the attitude of the above mentioned school (at least during the year we were there) I wouldn't have ever had to resort to homeschooling. Maybe a model other schools could use to improve their ways? Maybe we just got an Excellent teacher that year...anyway... That was then and we don't live near there now...

Ultimately, this writing contest doesn't concern me personally. We're unschoolers. But due to the affront caused to homeschoolers in general, we will be boycotting Subway Restaurants which is a shame as we have supported their many franchises all over this country and Canada. It's a shame such thoughtless wording was used.

We will also be boycotting Scholastic and considering what I spend a year in books.... Well, lets just say, they will miss me. We will no longer buy from Scholastic. Hey, if we can give up products from China, Scholastic will be easy!!


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