Monday, December 10, 2007

How to Improve the Christmas Blues

I've been in such an awful mood!

We were supposed to go away tomorrow to run to the mountains and see some snow and maybe go snowboarding but then I looked around and got depressed.
We have so much that still needs to be addressed like the barn that's still hanging in there ~ and I use the word literally ~ from a tornado hitting it. It really looks so sad with it's ripped up and sagging roof.

The metal building, our shop/storage/rec room, big enough to house three or more school buses has been in disarray since moving Grandma's stuff in. Her place in Ga. is now ready for company but our place, sadly, no longer is!

Then the cockatiels had five babies. Now this is a wonderful thing! Except, I need to keep their food dish filled which is requiring attention a few times a day. Not a problem on it's own, but a bit much to ask of my mother who would be stopping in each day to feed all the pets and check up on Grandma. Needless to say, we have the days off, but we'll be staying home.

This seemed a bleak option until this morning when my oldest asked me to go riding. My spouse and I just purchased new saddles for the Christmas horses which I hadn't tried out yet, so Caylee grabbed one and I grabbed the other and out we went. We brushed down Beauty and Honey and saddled them up. I jumped up into the saddle and made the mistake of looking down, and thought, "Boy, a fall from here's really gonna hurt! Beauty's tall!"

Anyhow, off we went to ride around our property. It was so nice! I had forgotten just how pleasant a morning ride could be! Beauty has such a nice temperment and just likes to amble along. After our morning ride, I feel confident that Beauty was a wonderful addition to our family and I'll be able to trust her to ride less experienced riders.

Honey has much more spunk and Lucky just plain loves to run. So even though we won't be going away to see snow, I'm looking forward to getting up each day and going for a pleasant morning ride with my family. After our ride, we're going to tackle the barn and metal building and return our place to being ready for company. Ultimately, I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present.

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jugglingpaynes said...

I had forgotten about that tornado! I thought I had missed something.
I will make you feel even happier by telling you how incredibly jealous I am that you get to ride horses each morning. ;o)

In answer to your comment q-Marina makes jewelry. She started with beading and memory wire way back when. Nothing like the sound of 10 million little seed beads spilling out onto the floor. (OK, I exaggerate, it was 5 million.)

Peace and Laughter,

PS-Hehe. Guess who's going to find a box of cards in their mailbox next November? I've been wondering what to do with all the extra copies from Christmases past!