Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Universe, by Leo Marriott

The true beauty of Fun~Schooling is you get to spend your days exploring...

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Today's 'lessons' consisted of exploring Science, Geography, and Social Studies via this incredible book called "The Universe" by Leo Marriott. Perusing was interrupted by our yearling practicing being a man!

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appleleaf said...

I might try to get hold of that "Universe" book. It looks fantastic. And I've just begun to explore all of the great-sounding sites re: Maths, Science and fun along your tool bar. I'm sure the kids & I will have great fun with your blog as home base.
Thanks for your comment. My books aren't available in the U.S. (it'd be great if they were) but we've got a very easy way for International customers to order via my Apple Leaf website, which you'll find in my blog's tool bar. The Pay Pal system we have converts currency without anyone having to do anything either my end or yours and we post them off pronto. Also, there is a free e-book on my web site if you'd like to look at it.
In fact, based on your favourite books in your list, I'd be very interested to hear your opinion of my fantasy some day.
PS "Wuthering Heights" is as Gothic as it sounds but very readable with larger than life characters and plot.