Sunday, April 27, 2014

Crossfit, BJJ, Crohn's & a Resection

April 2014

It's been awhile seen I wrote.  Much has happened.

First, my leg is still healing.  I'm back to walking but dancing and running still cause large amounts of pain and stress on the leg.  I now do Crossfit at 6:30am and Brazilian Jui Jitsu at 6:30pm. I'm getting stronger, but not yet smaller.  >.<

Nutrition continues to be an annoying topic as we had been following the SCD for a few years now, but even though the results were positive, they were not perfect.  I managed to hold weight but this plan was never 'about me'.  No, we followed this protocol for the sake of our son who was found to have Crohn's.  It helped but it turns out, stress, emotions, all have their effect.  Our son's first crush nearly took his life.  He survived thank God! But I'm afraid it may leave him far more cautious about how he handles his feelings.  I write that, but we all know [even him] that  one can't control whom one looses their heart over.

George almost died over the 2013 Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

My close friends are aware of just how horridly close we came.  George was finally strong enough for surgery early February 2014 after over a month in the hospital while they worked to strengthen him up for it.  He is now doing much better and has begun to gain weight!

[He had three surgeries total over this time frame.]

George has now started Remicade transfusions.   He opted for this choice even though the side effects can be extreme as the doctors feel it is the better option.  So far the transfusions are leaving him weak and tired but he is handling them so far.  This drug is a one time ride.  He must continue the transfusions for the rest of his life.  If he stops, or misses one, we have been told he is done.  One can never restart them.  George knows the risks and opted to take them.

This is where Unschooling... loving your children...  trusting... and being there for them.... really comes into play.  Gather all the information one can handle, then choose as wisely as possible.

George is doing well.  He is off racing our Subaru with his dad today.  I'm waiting to hear how well they did!  They might even come home with some good video footage.  If, so, I'll attach it later.

I have more good news to write about, but I do believe I shall save it for tomorrow.

Peace and laughter,
Remember to hug your kids daily.


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