Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life is Good!

Always Learning. Yes, I'm always learning and I must say it makes life interesting and fun! I've recently taken up Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing and it's giving me a new zest in life. I'm reacquainting myself with muscles I forgot I even had. I'm, also, realizing that somewhere along the way, I've lost my youthful agility and flexibility.

Doing simply things like the Sun Salutation (A wonderful morning stretching routine.) is extremely difficult! I know this because I was feeling so good this morning, I decided to give it a go. There was a time that I did this every morning with deep breathes and perfect posture but this morning, wasn't one of them. No, some where as I've grown older, I stopped this practice and now I wish to regain it again. My new routine is to get up an hour earlier then I had been getting up and getting to the gym. Today I only worked out on the treadmill and then decided to do some stretching and basic yoga. Oh boy! I'm far stiffer then I can ever remember being! So on that note, I'm going to start incorporating stretching exercises into my whole day.

I met a few different ladies at the gym who were really encouraging. I'm thinking I could get use to seeing all these friendly faces so early. Tomorrow, I'm planning on attempting the Zumba class before work. From the sounds of it, it would be a great way to get energized! Then on Saturday, a friend of mine is holding a Spinning class. That's Poi Spinning. My girls both spin and I've tried it a little, so I think I might just attend the class as it's just another fun way to get a workout. I'm excited to be getting back to things for me! It's been awhile and I probably should have never stopped, but I did, so now it's time to get moving again.

The most beautiful thing about this is I'm regaining my youthful feeling. Oh sure, I'm feeling my age in my knees and such, but I'm quite aware that Life truly is an 'Use it or Lose it' option. Being healthy is a must if I want to be around to tell stories to my future grandchildren and I do so want to be around for them! Being able to get down on the floor and roll around with them is my goal. Also, all this activity has gotten my creative juices flowing. I'm currently in the process of designing Gypsy Dance outfits and I just finished creating my first Tribal Belt!

Life is good!

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jugglingpaynes said...

I'm so happy you are taking care of yourself! The yoga comes back. I find I can't do it first thing in the morning without being stiff. Try easing into the sun salutation. In the class I take, Diann starts with very simple moves and builds on the postures with each cycle until we are doing a full sun salutation. Respect your body's limitations. That's what it's all about. ;o)

Peace and Laughter,