Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Change is Coming!

Hi everyone!

We have just officially finished four years of homeschooling! It's been quite an interesting and fun filled journey. Along the way, I've gathered all types of great information about learning. I have shared many of these resources over the years on my various blogs and in homeschooling groups of all types from Homestead Homeschooling to Florida Homeschooling, to Mensa Homeschooling, to Radical Unschooling. I've also learned quite a bit from all the wonderful and incredibly smart people I've met along the way.

I have been working on changing up my blog to make finding all this great information easier. I have files on four computers, so it has become a task just of itself to locate some of these great resources. An example of this, was when the other day, my spouse asked me for a link to a particular typing program. I ended up just suggesting he Google it. I'll most likely ALWAYS suggest Googling if for no other reason then it still makes me giggle to suggest someone Googles.

OK. On to serious matters. I am currently working on updating my blog and cleaning out all those many files. As I accomplish this task, I'll be adding links to all the great websites in an user friendly fashion.

It may take some time to get them all up and running and as with most things, may require a bit more tweaking. I'm always open to more information and any helpful suggestions.

Happy Homeschooling!



jugglingpaynes said...

I misread that and thought you were cleaning out all those many flies. I supposed you have a lot, living in Florida.

Oh, files!

Do you have to be in Mensa to do Mensa Homeschooling? I wonder if Phi Beta Kappa has a homeschooling division...

Peace and Laughter,

Merely Mensan said...

Homeschooling and self-education seems to be a satisfactory answer for many high IQ people, who should not be characterised these days as just Mensans.


Vicki said...

Unschooling is a perfect fit for my son. I should clarify that we are not in Mensa.

ComfyDenim said...

oh...I'm so sorry... I didn't hear anything you said. I was staring at the moon.

I love your header!!!!

Happy homeschoolin'!!!