Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bright Kids!

Oh my goodness! Many of my friends know the story of how we came to become Unschoolers. Many have read the stories of my children and shed tears for them. And along with the tears, they have shared the joys with them that homeschooling/unschooling/escape from the system has brought with it. When we realized that the standard route wasn't going to work, I was frantic on what we were going to do. I will admit to wondering just what was wrong with us that we were so different that the standard route that seemed to work for so many, failed so miserably for us. I thought we were alone in this,too. Well, thanks to many connections online, I have since learned that this is a nation wide problem. Children all over this country are suffering. Many have loving parents who like me, have chosen to rescue their children from this torture we call school. To this day, I'm in awe of the parents I've met who had the wisdom to spare their children from this experience. Currently, two blogs are gathering more information. If you would like to contribute, The Stone Age Techie is doing a survey on 'Why do you homeschool'. Click on this button to take the survey:


Survey at StoneAgeTechie.blogspot.com


 Then head on over to A Chance to Shine.  I love that they are taking their story and sharing it so that maybe, another parent will find it and save their child from the suffering. I know it would have been a huge comfort to me a few years back. Make sure to read their Stupid Discipline section. They are accepting stories so if you have one, please contribute.


The Stone Age Techie said...

Thanks for linking to my survey! I'm asking for people interested in taking the survey to email me at whywehs at yahoo dot com (I've recently learned that spelling the email address like this confounds spammers), so feel free to do that, too.
I am now on my way over to A Chance to Shine, I am especially interested in the Stupid Discipline section - I'm sure that I'll end up laughing at the stupidity, but crying at the fact that real children have had to endure it.
Thanks again for linking to me -

appleleaf said...

A chance to Shine is a really interesting site. I feel really emotional when I read some of those Stupid Discipline style stories because they dredge up deep memories of the horrible system.