Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where Does One Start?

Hi friends,

I've been getting private emails asking me about unschooling along with being in a few unschooling groups where these same questions come up so I thought I'd share a recent post with you all. Whether you homeschool or unschool, I believe the most important point is to 'see what your kids are gaining from the experience and not on what you think they are missing.' So many parents are finding their children ever so sad in the 'school system'. I would like to encourage those parents that there truly is a better way.

Most of all though, my daughter lives life with me, shopping, cooking, taking care of the house, helping with little ones, volunteering at church, talking loving and laughing. She is learning and happy and we are closer than ever. When you make the leap into home schooling, I think it is important to see what your kids are gaining from the experience and not on what you think they are missing.


The above statement makes very good points. Learning happens everywhere. If you run a business, share that knowledge of HOW to run a business. I don't mean in a 'schooly' way but as something you do and openly share should your child have an interest to see what you are doing. My parents owned a skating rink when I was growing up. I could run the business by the time I was a teenager. I knew our vendors, clients, bookkeeping, policies, could sell skates, make schedules, book parties, etc. It gave me a great sense of just what is involved in running a business. Shoot, by the time I was an older teen and driving, I could even make the bank deposits!

My spouse is an engineer, mechanic, firefighter, EMT, welder, horse trainer, scuba diver, pilot, ....and the list could go on. He shares all his knowledge with the kids. My oldest daughter (18) speaks four languages, welds, dances, is a certified Firefighter/EMT now, and is thinking about becoming a doctor. We have never discouraged her. She is incredibly smart. Our second daughter (16) is now in college and loving it. Our youngest will talk physics to you for hours on hours if you allow him to.

Life is short. Run with it. You will be amazed at just how much curious minds want to know. Remember to relax. If your child has been in the 'school system' it will take them time to find thier own footing in the unschooling freedom so start simply by saying yes more and no less. One day at a time.

Peace and Laughter!


Annie said...

I appreciate this post. We are homeschoolers, mainly because I'm too much of a control freak not to impose some kind of order. And I do spend a fair amount of time wondering if I'm giving them everything they need to go where ever they choose to go with their lives. However, I will say, time and again, I see the best learning in our house happens spontaneously. The boys will be working with their dad in his office or out on our property. One will ask a question. Or my husband will just start explaining what he'd doing and ask for help. Voila! You've got enthused learners soaking up everything they can.

jugglingpaynes said...

You should see the philosophical discussion that evolves around here just by reading the newspaper in the morning!

I'm also noticing that whenever I start to get nervous about the subjects (reading and math in particular) my kids surprise me. It's a nice feeling.

Peace and Laughter,

appleleaf said...

I always enjoy your posts about unschooling. It's so true what you say, yet such a journey of faith, we need as much reinforcement as we can.

jugglingpaynes said...

I've been thinking about you all day, but it's been one of those days when I keep forgetting everything I intend to do. :o)

I'll have more pictures up in about an hour. I think I have three or four more days of pictures to edit. I feel like I went on a mini-trip myself!

Peace and Laughter!
I realllly need to get some sleep!

oliver said...

Hmmm I am very intrigued by this. Have toyed with the thought for awhile now...Good to have someone to know who does this and has had success with it! Thank you Vicki wicki! You are special. Keep on blogging cuz I am learning!! lol

Kelleen (Aidely)