Friday, January 2, 2009

The Ending of 2008

Dear Friends,

I SO apologize for neglecting to update what's been happening over the holidays. I do have pictures that I'll try and post this weekend. Santa was awesome once again and Christmas was wonderful. I'll try and post some highlights soon. I just got over walking pneumonia while I was dealing with insane happenings at the office. Nothing like being hit on a few sides at once, right?

On the 'homeschooling' front, I've been getting read to sleep lately by George, my 11yo son, reading his trigonometry book out loud to me. He's decided to master trig in the next two weeks! It will be interesting to see if he does, as later, he informed me he is backing up a level or two as he doesn't have all the needed formulas memorized yet.

I'm still tripping that my eleven year old even has a clue what trig is! This child never fails to surprise me and in looking at what he likes to learn, I don't see how he would ever "fit" in to the "regular" public school system.

HEY! He never has to go unless he wants to! Guess that's a Win Win if I ever heard of one, lol. I figure there will come a day, and he might want to go, just to see what else this town offers. When that day comes, he has my blessings. Shoot. He's already ready for college, so it's not like he needs to go to school to learn, right?

For those of you that stumble upon my page, before you 'freak out' at my 'truant' attitude towards school, we unschool. Unschooling is the best possible education a young mind can have. It allows the young mind to grow at it's incredible natural rate, without silly rules and guidelines being imposed by someone who has no clue.

Unschooling works. Nuff said. :-D


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good holiday, sorry about the pneumonia, hope you are feeling better. :)

Amy said...

Trig at 11? That's grand! And kudos to you for letting him explore. Glad to hear Christmas went well...its always hard to keep up in Blogland over the holidays.

jugglingpaynes said...

I have to say it:
"They're just guidelines really!"

Thank you for taking care of yourself. One of my favorite people, Jim Henson, died of walking pneumonia. I'm not ready to lose anymore special people.

Peace and Laughter!
Happy New Year!