Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't Eat the Batteries!


The Fruitcake's Electricity Experiment

First we lined up the test subjects by size order:


Then we used copper wires for the cathodes and zinc plated screws for the anodes inserting one of each into each piece of fruit.


Clip leads were used to connect each fruit to the volt meter.


We also ran a kitchen timer with lemon power.


We tried to run a small electric motor but found we did not have enough current.

Here are our findings:
1. Apple = 1.008 volts
2. Strawberry = 1.005 volts
3. Lemons = 0.993 volts
4. Tomato = 0.988 volts
5. Orange = 0.974 volts
6. Banana = 0.956 volts
7. Blueberry = 0.955 volts
8. Grape = 0.938 volts
9. Grapefruit = 0.974 volts
10. Potato = 0.794 volts

And here they are lined up in order of voltage:

If you would like to try this experiment for yourself, here are two links for further information:

Lemon Battery

Fruity Electricity


KarenW said...

How fun! We made a lemon battery once but I never thought of making one out of other fruits. Cool experiment.

appleleaf said...

I could easily imagine nice hot fruit and savoury pies as a result of that experiment too, if they didn't actually generate power.
Thanks for your feedback on my cover.

jugglingpaynes said...

Looks like an appetizing experiment!

Thanks for the hugs. I'll get in touch with you soon. We've been so incredibly busy here I'm falling behind in everything!

Peace and Laughter!

ComfyDenim said...

I totally enjoy that first picture.
It's a great one!!
Sounds like a fun experiment, too, quite tasty!!