Friday, September 12, 2008

Wildlife gets close

Tropical Storms, hurricanes, heavy rains can take their toll on the environment. Sometimes, nature has to evacuate too. A while ago I had posted a picture of a young alligator that lived in our north pond. That was fine. As long as he was there, a bigger one wasn't. Well the latest flooding has filled our fields and the little gator has been pushed from his home. The ponies found him in the pasture looking for a new home and getting too close to ours! A bigger gator has moved into the north pond.


appleleaf said...

Those photos are amazing, especially the alligator. Now, you live on the east coast where there is more freak weather, am I right?
About your last post, I think it's one of life's biggest ironies that it is so easy for so many to become parents, which would have to be one of life's biggest challenges. Yet you need qualifications and college degrees for so many less important things.
Always good to read your thoughts,

flmom said...

I will not be jealous of your ponies, I will not be jealous of your ponies, I will not be jealous of your ponies........... LOL! I am glad you stopped by my blog. It's good to "see" you! I completely forgot you had a Blogger blog. Yikes on the alligator situation! I hope nothing moved into our pond during all the Fay flooding. (I have pics of how bad our property was on my blog if you want to look back and see.) I am sure we lost quite a bit of our fish and they are now swimming around in someone else's pond (or they could be in the ditches, creek, lagoon).

ComfyDenim said...

All I get in my back yard are stray cats.