Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Learning

The Olympics are off to a great start and this is the first year that the Summer games have held much importance to my ten year old. We gathered as a family on our big comfy couch and watched the opening ceremony. We set the DVR to record all the games and have dedicated the next two weeks to cheering on the American athletes. Along with watching the games, many questions get asked so we've been keeping a laptop close so we can quickly get the answers. (I love the internet!)

Just thought I'd share a couple of these Olympic links. ;-)


ComfyDenim said...

RYC -- that's why We can't let the computers die. We just can't. That's become where we live!! Which could be a blog post -- totally.

I've missed seeing you around.

Oh, and....I used to have a myspace - but most of my friends already had Facebook - and they have FLAIR and games. So I went back. *LOL*

ComfyDenim said...

And the "Forked" post explains the icon. *L*