Monday, July 21, 2008

Flicking People Off

OMG! WhAt?!?! Flicking WhaT?!?! Yeah, that's right, I'm irritated. Deal with it or go to someone else's page. (And I mean flicking not flipping!)

Why you ask am I irritated today, this week, month?

I'm tired of 'people's' unasked for, uninvited along with uneducated opinions. So I'm flicking them all off like a totally unwanted piece of lint off my new beautiful shirt. I'm so tired of being excited about something then making the mistake to answer my phone, then share my new joy only to be shot down by the narrow simple minded idiot at the other end. I mean get real! I didn't call their gloom and doom rain cloud. What makes them think it's OK for them to be so rotten? And that I'm supposed to welcome it?!?

So what got me angry this time. (Lol, sad I can even say THAT with a straight face.)

Here's the newest scenario:

Me {Mother to highly gifted unschooler (here on out:HGU)}: Wow! I'm so excited! I've found a new group that is active and has LOTS of kids the same age as HGU! He's so happy to find so many other kids, his age, who are into the same things! This is awesome! The only draw back is they live across the country so I'll have to learn about video conferencing but that's cool as one mother is already doing this with her son and his best friend 2000 miles away, and she's willing to help us out! So the kids can meet face to face! They can play games together! Sure the boards will be viewed over a monitor, but what a great idea! Smart kids playing live over the miles on complicated games that no local kids can handle! This is so cool! (or Kewl depending on your age....roflol! kk qq )

Rain Cloud: It's so good I couldn't sleep last night! I had trouble sleeping last night and it must have been meant to be for I got up and turned on (insert popular talk show)and they were talking about an amazing child who's parents let him learn to use the computer at age four. He then went on to design web pages and was a porn star by age fourteen!

Me: So what does this have to do with me & HGU?

RC: You better be careful....the internet is evil!!!!!


My thoughts today? Here's a clip I found the lyrics to on my dining room table printed by my teenage daughters, as they found it hysterical. Anyone who is so narrow minded ought to check themselves as they are reading this AND NOT LOOKING AT A PORN PAGE CURRENTLY!!


jugglingpaynes said...

Wow Vicki! Remind me not to cross you! I think the problem is how many people view technology. Although it is more available now, there are a large amount of people who are suspicious of it. (And let's face it, there are a lot of sickos out there too, just to affirm their fears.) I've said before that the internet is the new frontier, a virtual Wild West that will eventually learn how to police itself. Until then, maybe you should save your excitement for those of us who understand. ;o) I, for one, am very happy for your son!

Peace and Laughter!

Anonymous said...

OK, I agree with your other commenter, I don't want to cross you.
But I can totally understand. So many people just don't know how to not give unsolicited advice. I find myself easily falling into doing that if I'm not careful. But it is so irritating for it to happen.
But I am happy for your son. Though we don't do a lot of video conferencing, my daughter has friends all over the US that she keeps in contact with over the internet. I agree, it's wonderful for your boy. :)

ComfyDenim said...

Stepping gingerly...checking for dry, crackling sticks (so as not to startled the mama bear)...


I'm thrilled that you have a satellite group. Or maybe it's a correspondence Group? I'm curious as to how it's going to work...but then again, I'm curious as to how MANY things work. :-) I come by it naturally. My dad took apart my baby rattle to see what made the ting-a-ling noise.

BTW - we call them wet blankets around here -- I laughed when I read about "Rain Cloud". Could totally picture it.

ComfyDenim said...

And I just wanted to ask Rain Cloud if the internet is evil because of the child who designs websites... That's kind of what she said...
and .. well.. I can't stop chuckling.