Saturday, March 15, 2008

Teasing and Retaliation (or Why I Won't Be Sending My Son Back to Public School)

So tonight as I was sitting here leveling up a character, the news came on. This particular news piece caught my attention as it happened at the middle school my girls had attended a few years ago. When my girls moved to high school, I tried to learn just how many bomb threats, lock downs and beatings the high school had, but they protect that information well and won't say. Neither of my girls remained there for four years. Anyway, the news piece tonight was on a Columbine style massacre plot. You can read about it here.

So why does this concern me?

I unschool which is a form of homeschooling. This concerns me on so many levels!

One- What's happening in the schools that the bullying is still being allowed to be so severe that the victims wish to retaliate by committing murder?
Two- Who are the parents (both sides)?
Three- Why wasn't somebody aware that tensions have risen to such heights?
Four- The one mother pleas for her child's release as the child has "mental issues". Now please explain why that should allow them to run loose and possibly carry out their threats?
Five- This is my town as small as it may be, but it is my town! That's not to say that this should happen in any other town, but what’s going on in this small town that they can't see these issues in the schools BEFORE they become such issues?


I removed my youngest from the "system" when they failed to protect him from the bullying. He was stabbed with pencils, clawed, kicked in the legs and head, before he was half way through second grade!! The "system" couldn't handle 24 small children in one classroom so I pulled my young son from the mess. But what about all those other children whose parents didn't?

By pulling my children home, I can offer a small blanket of protection. A very small blanket as these other children will grow up and be part of society whether it is a good part or a bad part. What can be done to stop this? Why aren't more children being given the help they need to avoid this? As much as I'd hate to see parenthood regulated, maybe that's where this country is going.

My prayers are with all parties involved. I don't know the answers just that this insanity has to stop! I had always told my youngest that he could return to the "system" anytime he chose figuring that at some point, he'd want to try it again. Now I must say I doubt that I would ever support that decision not because I have no faith in his choices, but because I truly have no faith in the school system to return my son to me in the same condition I left him with them. I KNOW they can't educate him better.

Peace be with you all and may your children be safe.


jugglingpaynes said...

Makes you crazy, doesn't it?

A woman recently began homeschooling in my district. Not only did she pull her kids, SHE left a teaching career in this district. Why? Because as bad as I know the district is, she knows the stories that DON'T make it into the news.

It's sad. I have no answer for this.

Peace and Laughter,

ComfyDenim said...

I got stuck on the phrase "Leveling up a character" -- what game?

Now I'll go read the rest of the article. ;-)

appleleaf said...

Hi Vicki,
Your last 2 posts were enough to make my flesh crawl.
Our situation with public schools isn't quite as bad as yours, as gun laws in Australia are very tough, but the bullying, pychological trauma can be intense.
As for your poor old hubby's gallstone surgery, unschooling can provide some interesting hands-on lessons but I'll bet he thinks the cost of this one was far too high.
Hope you're all recovering well,