Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1st!!

October 1st is here!!

The winds are gusting, the cold fall showers are blowing, the barn is rattling...

It reminds me of what I always told my little daughter after she watched the Olsen Twins in Double, Double, Toil & Trouble (1993)
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"Do you know why the wind is blowing like that? and from that direction? It's all the witches flying in for Halloween!! Keep an eye on the moon and you might see one fly by on her broom..." Then of course, because I'm a good mommy, I'd hum the theme from the Gathering in the movie... OoooOoooooOo .... That sometimes rendered a, "Mommy! Stop that!" Lol....

October 1st is HERE!! That means we celebrate my father turning 75 years old and he still works full-time! My nephew will turn 9 the next week, my spouse will turn 43 the following week on the same day as my good friend's daughter turns two, and then my son will turn ten!!

October is a month long celebration!!


TC said...

You do know that October is "Celebrate _________ Month." Journalists (the serious kind, not the ditsy ones like me) call it "The Month Month." I think the only things that aren't honored in October are mange and petunias.

appleleaf said...

Wow, thanks for the plug! It really stands out up there but perhaps I'm just used to seeing the word "Quenarden"
I'd like to experience a traditional autumn October with all the great things you mentioned, but we're having quite a warm early spring. Today will be 28degreesC.
Enjoy your week of birthday celebrations!
PS I always enjoy the unschooling content of your blog.

jugglingpaynes said...

Wow! October is for you what May is for us! Don't get sick from all the cake!
I loved your stocking advice! Much more sensible to move to a warmer climate. And if I go south I'm sure I'll find my pantyhose down there. ;o)
Peace and Laughter,