Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy October Tenth!

Hi everyone!

I've been cleaning house which means I've also been cleaning out my inbox of all those useful links I've been gathering since joining the homeschooling world. If you haven't checked out my list of Fun Links lately, you might want to take another look as some fun links have been added like:

Geospy - They have Fun Games to instill Geography.

Hippo Campus - Where high school students can get great information for Algebra, American Government, Biology, Calculus, Environmental Science, Physics, Religion, and US History.

Learning the States - Here's a fun online Map test!
And another at Learning the States 2

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab - A great source for free science projects and experiments! Protective goggles are required.

The Study Shack - A great resource for online Flashcards in Geography, History, Math, Languages, Science, and Medicine!

UC Berkeley Lecture Videos - You can't get better then this! UCBerkeley has posted many of their college lectures on YouTube!

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