Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Age Related Blindness

I thought I was going BLIND!!  Recently, I've been needing to have a child with me while I grocery shop as I couldn't read the small print on the labels.  I could no longer read Yu-gi-oh cards!  I tried getting more sleep.  I tried cutting down my computer time.  Nothing worked so I finally went to the Opthamologist and found I'm suffering from middle age!!!  Yikes!!!  He reassured me, I'm not going blind.  He also reassured me that I would need my new glasses even more by the end of the year!

I had to wait two weeks they said for my new glasses to be made.  So I went to GA without them, still feeling blind.  Things can get confusing when you can't see them right and here's one of the things that caused me a momentary ~gasp~  

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Okay, so now you are wondering just what caused me momentary distress...  See the three orange somethings?  One day when we came up the hill to this store, these three little objects looked (to me in my blindness) like three sixes!  I freaked out wondering how a business could get away with putting THAT on the front of their store and how had I MISSED THAT all the other times we had shopped there?!

Needless to say, my spouse drove us closer and let me see that it wasn't what I first thought, whew!  I now have my new glasses but I'm not supposed to wear them for driving so they wouldn't have helped much anyway, lol.   While I was out picking up these new best friends (Mother's little helper?), I decided to pick up this incredible book for my son.   

Happy reading! 

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jugglingpaynes said...

Ahhh!!!! You didn't say what it was!

My hubby says no one can read those Yu Gi Oh cards since their printed, "so friggin' small!"

Excellent book choice, it's one of our favorites.

I answered your q, but just so you don't worry, there was no accident, just gridlock!

Peace and Laughter,

ComfyDenim said...

I've been catching up...and I have to know what it was --- because it certainly looks like 3 6's to me -- and there are those that say Walmart is evil and it wouldn't surprise the Professor to see it on a Walmart building. :-) So what was it??

They should certainly consider changing their sign font. *L**