Tuesday, August 14, 2007

'Stardust' A Great Date Movie

I am so easly influenced! A dear friend had a date night with her hubby and had so much fun that she suggested that my hubby and I also make it a date night and go see this movie 'Stardust'.

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Well I hymmed and hawed about all the many reasons it was a great idea but it would never happen as I hit the send key on an email to my spouse. REALLY! My spouse and I live such crazy lives that we communicate via email, cell phones and talking while running errands together on the random days we both have off. Dates? Please... We've rarely gone out together since we've been married. We usually always take the kids and make it a family night. Well, last Saturday, my spouse shocked me when he told the kids it would just be the two of us as we had a date! Ten years of marriage and now we're dating! WoW! This also earns a Woot wOOt wOoT WOOT!!! (This Momma really flipped!)

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Anyhoo, if you haven't seen 'Stardust', you really must get out and see it. This one is well worth the watching. It has action, suspense, humor, and romance.

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It does have witches, so if you're fairy tale sensitive, you might want to pass on this one as it does have the classic evil witches similar to The Brothers Grimm.

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Some of the scenes were so hysterical that the whole audience was laughing out loud. Both my spouse and I found this a charming love story well worth watching together.


jugglingpaynes said...

Oh, I'm so glad you reviewed it! I just didn't know what to say without revealing major blocks of plot.

Vinegar works for the same reason as tomato juice. The acidity breaks down the odor.
And I had vinegar on hand. We also dowsed her with Nature's Miracle. The problem is most of the skunkiness is on her face (told you they aim for the eyes) and I don't want to hurt the dopey cat.

My dear husband would have been happy to leave her out, but I figured she would get into less trouble if we just brought her in.

My life is never boring.

Peace and Laughter,

jugglingpaynes said...

It looks like your links are all working. At least, the ones I got to. Don't change anything until I get a chance to explore some of them more fully.
We're going back to the ancients this year. Marina is already excited about your mythology link.
This has been an incredibly busy week that is only half over. I think I can tell you with authority that I have seen every animal exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.
Peace and Laughter,

appleleaf said...

Hi Vicki,
Thanks for visiting my blog!
We haven't got "Stardust" over here yet but will have in the next few weeks. It sounds great & I think we'll go & see it.
Since moving here from HSB, I've found everything technical is so much incredibly easier.
BTW, I love your blog name and I loved the Harry Potter movie & the new book, which I still won't say much about for fear of revealing too much plot to others.